Test and learn. (And apply.)

The Soloist  Eryn Erickson, social entrepreneur, recording artist, clothing designer, founder of So Worth Loving. As Erickson pursued her social mission by creating a constellation of offerings around it, she developed her own version of what might be a core solo competency: How to extract lessons from the last gig and apply them so they transform the prospects of the next.


My Team  Erickson knew she needed mentoring, psychic support, and tactical advice. Here’s how she built that support not by turning to her personal network, but by tapping followers and customers instead.

Road Trip  How to conduct customer research, do grass-roots marketing, jazz your web site with visual content, and replenish your personal juice — all at once. (First: rent a van.)

Business media ignores solo professional life — depriving soloists-in-progress of models whose experiences and know-how can inspire their own design thinking. A Solo Life, an ongoing series by The Solo Project, will bring those models to the fore.