Show me the meaning.

The Soloist  Nancy DeSantis, equine therapist, cofounder (with former Green Beret Rick Ianucci, also her husband) of Cowboy Up!, a program to help post-911 combat veterans re-acclimate to civilian life. Should be easy to raise funding for work like that, yes? Well, in fact, no. So DeSantis developed a method for attracting the interest—and capital—of benefactors. Here, she shares it. “Meaning” is just the start.


Solo HQ  Crossed Arrows Ranch, 15 miles outside Santa Fe, complete with bunk house and chores. Illustrates how to merge an admin operation with the work. You don’t need one of those apps that remind you not to sit too long.

The Work/Life Solution  Ride, says DeSantis. In high country, if possible. DeSantis and Ianucci quote Churchill: “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.”

Brand-Building  Imagery is powerful — but DeSantis learned, via misstep, that all imagery isn’t powerful in the same way. She describes how to discriminate.


Many solo lives are born of the hunger people have for work that’s meaningful but that also makes them a living. Soloing is often a path to resolving that tension.