Casey Neistat knows exactly where everything is.

The Soloist  Casey Neistat, freelance commercial filmmaker

Turning Point  Takes entire fee for Nike commercial and spends it on 10-day trip around the world with buddy. Films the trip. Edits the trip. Hands it to Nike. Nike ponders, then posts it. Outcome: 8 million views

Neistat’s Solo HQ  The most utilitarian studio possible, in Tribeca. Its mission: “Remove every obstruction that exists between me and completing a job,” says Neistat. “Anything I ever need to make one of my videos I should have right here, whether it’s a camera or a chainsaw. [And] every second I have to spend looking for something is a second I could be using to produce a video.” In Neistat’s HQ, everything has its very precise place. Call it one expression of two solo desires: an ardor for ordering the world, and a craving to invent the place where you love showing up every day. (Put Neistat’s workspace-design checklist in play to create the perfect Solo HQ of your own.).

For traditional employees, every facet of the work space is manufactured by the companies they work for. Soloists get to invent the spaces they inhabit, down to the smallest details.