The five pillars
of a sustainable solo life.

The Research  What attributes predict success as a soloist? According to ongoing research by The Solo Project, they’re not the ones you might think. The strongest predictors are these:

  1. Tolerance of ambiguity. (And by “tolerance of” we mean “hunger for.”)
  2. Adequate professional network capital.
  3. Mastery, but not of everything. One highly leverageable competency trumps versatility.
  4. The ability to fall in love easily (but mostly with ideas and projects).
  5. A sense of “calling” — or at least the feeling that your work is more authentically interesting than you can reasonably resist.

Research about the solo phenomenon is core to The Solo Project. How are soloists and small teams changing entrepreneurial ecosystems? How do they influence taste and trends? What does it mean that they’ve become R&D labs for large established companies?