Work/life balance solution #4: retool your business model.


The Soloist  Sara Noble, executive recruiter in the thought-leadership industrial complex. Formerly a media exec and editor at Time, The Atlantic, Inc., and the Harvard Business Review

The Work/Life Solution  Mid-career, Noble was starting a family and wanted to take more time than a corporate maternity policy would allow. The solution: go solo to create a company where she determined the HR policies. But as Noble’s exploration of indie business options reveals, getting work/life balance right means not just figuring out which kind of work to pursue, but the right business model for pursuing it. (Does your model need retooling?)


No surprise, the quest for lifestyle flexibility, control, and better work/life balance or family friendliness is a major driver of soloing. Adept soloists design their businesses to customize the right mix of conditions: schedule rigidity, boundaries, labor-intensity, location flexibility, and operational complexity.