Building a home for soloists.

The Solo Project provides inspiration, ideas, tools, and community for the country’s most ambitious soloists. We’re a media and research company, launched by the people who helped create and lead the Inc. Magazine and Fast Company brands. Here’s what we’re making:

The Quarterly

Coming soon: The Solo Quarterly, a 200-page print edition designed as a stunning owner’s manual for soloists. The Quarterly’s premium content will be distributed on newsstands and through the channels of select partners.

the daily

Our new website — to be launched alongside the Quarterly—will feature podcast and video channels exploring the lives of soloists, their smartest practices, and the new world of work they’re creating. The site will also feature a dedicated channel documenting the growth and evolution of the solo movement globally.

solo live

We’ll convene events, gatherings, and local membership groups to offer opportunities for soloists to network with each other, share experiences and practices, and help each other do business.


In partnership with the Knight Foundation, we’re currently conducting the Solo City national research inquiry into the drivers of the solo economy, and what political, corporate, university, and social-sector leaders can do to support thriving populations of independent professionals and creatives.

Our job: Document the new world of work...

We’ll profile the people of the solo movement, photograph their workplaces, identify the tools and gear and technology they count on, and bring to life the ways they create the teams and peer communities that enable them to do their best work.

We’ll document the business models that make them money.

And we’ll report on the personal operating systems (the solo OS) that soloists have designed to drive their lives — the practices and habits, strategies and tactics that fellow soloists can learn from and put to use. 

The StudioMates shared office space in Brooklyn, New York. [Photograph by Julia Robbs]

The StudioMates shared office space in Brooklyn, New York. [Photograph by Julia Robbs]

...and supply soloists with what they need.

Alison and Alphonzo Cross, founders of The Boxcar Grocer in Atlanta

Alison and Alphonzo Cross, founders of The Boxcar Grocer in Atlanta

We’ll search out the solutions soloists create to solve the hardcore challenges that indie work presents:

  • creating sales and materials
  • organizing a workspace
  • finding trusted advisors
  • getting a loan (any loan)
  • managing office tech
  • getting paid on time
  • getting paid, period
  • balancing work & life
  • securing a financial future
  • identifying prospects
  • cold calling
  • negotiating
  • pricing
  • closing a deal
  • creating contracts
  • protecting IP
  • invoicing
  • doing quarterly taxes
  • building a website
  • creating a name
  • evaluating a partner

Solo will help you build a back office that keeps your business humming so you can get on with the work that drew you to the solo life in the first place.

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