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Roam Miami's Pop-Up Bar is the spot for evening drinks and meeting other Roam travelers.


Forget Coworking—These Coliving Spaces Let You Travel the World For $1,800 a Month

Roam is a company that blurs the boundaries between work, travel, and adventure while providing comfort, community, and spaces for productivity. A global network of coliving and coworking spaces known as Roam provides all the amenities of hom —plus a platform for digital nomads to get their work done in a variety of amazing places, surrounded by fellow Roam travelers. Each Roam location has been designed and built by award-winning designers, and includes spaces for private refuge or socializing. With the strongest Wi-Fi connections, rooftop cafes, yoga studios, chef kitchens, renovated baths, and private sleeping quarters, Roam’s coliving concept is a modern traveler’s dream live/work solution. 



What’s Your Day Rate?

Every freelancer or contractor deals with this question and yet it sometimes feels like plucking a number out of thin air. This is especially true of freelancers who are moving from a salaried position for the first time, who often end up selling themselves under their market value. Finally, there’s a tool that can help.


13 Inspiring Coworking Spaces

Kiss the cube goodbye; these collective offices add flair to the solo life. If you’re reading this article at your lackluster desk, pining for a more inspiring place to do your job, you’re not alone. Dwell found a dozen shared work environments (like New York’s NeueHouse, above) that not only offer the promise of more flexibility and collaboration, but also provide inspiring examples of office design.